Monday, June 29, 2009

Train VS Pedestrian

I followed on my scanner what is a train versus pedestrian accident near the intersection of Idaho and Prairie Ave. in Post Falls. Heard the first reports about 9:30 p.m. and the call for the coroner and funeral home about 10:25 p.m. The Post Falls Police, Kootenai County Sheriffs Department and Idaho State Police responded. Confirmation that a woman has been killed in the accident. *Tuesday update: it appears the 45-year-old woman, who was visiting in the area and possibly suicidal, was laying on the tracks when the train passed through. The engineer could not stop in time and she was killed on impact.
In the twenty or so years I've had a scanner, there have been many times I've heard the call for the coroner and the chaplain. I always say a silent prayer for the victims' family and friends who have yet to be told that someone they love has died ... their lives about to be forever changed by an accident or a suicide or a criminal act. It also gives a deeper understanding of what our law enforcement and emergency services personnel deal with in the routine course of their jobs.

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