Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Urban wildlife

For the past few months citizens have reported sightings of a cougar in Falls Park, which is right in the city center of Post Falls. For those who may have doubted themselves or were convinced it was maybe a large dog they'd seen, there is vindication. This full-grown cougar was struck and killed in the early hours of Sunday morning on I-90 near the Spokane Street exit, just a few blocks from the park. A cougar in town, even in wooded areas, is rare for Post Falls. I've taken photographs of moose and elk and even a bear in residential areas in recent years so there's no doubt we share space here with creatures of the forest. I'm not disappointed, though, that I didn't run across this cougar while trapsing around Falls Park with my camera. Thanks to the Post Falls Police Department for the photograph. UPDATE HERE.


  1. I've been called a Cougar. ;) I'm thankful it wasn't one of my pack that was struck by a car but sad that a critter out of her element lost her life.

  2. A little too close for comfort with the amount of visitors and local residents who go there to view the Falls---not to mention the wonderful playground and fish pond for the kids and the Centennial Trail nearby. Scary and they will stalk you! Jeannie Peugh