Wednesday, August 26, 2009

The Lutherans!

I put in my shift at the Lions corn booth at the North Idaho Fair but did take a break or two to visit with fellow food court volunteers. I mentioned earlier the Calvary Lutheran's breaded, fried meatballs on a stick as a perennial favorite and a few years ago they added fried twinkies to the menu but I was amazed at two new entries to the fried fair food category. Note: if you're my cardiologist, please step away from the computer. :)
The Lutherans now feature deep fried bacon! An order consists of three thick-sliced strips of bacon, pre-cooked. The bacon is then battered and deep fried and served with a dash of powdered sugar. Three fit and trim college guys were enjoying an order and declared the treat delishious. Then church member Mary Hess told me I really must try another new item ... apple fries! Thin sliced apples are lightly breaded in a cinnamon sugar mixture and deep-fried. Served with whipped cream for "dipping" or ala mode, they really are tasty.
For sheer creativity and a willingness to bring something new to fair-goers each year I declare the Lutherans the first Fried Fair Food Grand Champions!


  1. The Lutherans are always one of my favorite booths. Thanks for the heads up, I can't WAIT to try the bacon on Saturday!!!

  2. Had the bacon and the apple fries, both delicious!