Saturday, May 2, 2009

Run for the Boys & Girls Club

Nearly two hundred people of all ages participated in the Jordan Johnson Memorial Fun Run on Saturday, including three generations of Mikki Stevens' family - daughter Dusty Gelnette and granddaughter, Kennedy Gelnette. Photos from the event can be viewed here.


  1. Kerri,

    You have such a gift for capturing the "feeling" of the moment in your photo journalism.

    It was so fun to see you roadside at the the memorial run for Jordan. Seeing fewer and fewer familiar faces around these daze.

    Big Hug to you, Mikki

  2. Kerri,
    Thank you so much for your work on this Event.
    Our Boys & Girls Club is successful because of the support of all the people in this great community.
    Seeing these pictures of everyone having fun supporting a great cause, then seeing the smiling faces on all the kids that join us each day...
    Kind of makes me think that Kootenai County is the greatest place on earth to call home!

    Thanks again for your support,

    Ryan D.