Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Facebook Philanthropy

Kibbee Walton, owner of Artisan Portrait, held an inspired promotion this week. On Monday he offered a couple of hours of studio time and free fun headshots for Facebook profiles. Over 80 people showed up. Everyone was asked to bring items for the Post Falls Food Bank and they certainly did just that. The majority of the attendees were teens, I dare say I might have been the oldest face photographed, and their generosity was encouraging. Here's a high five for Kibbee, proving that even a small business can make a big difference in the community.
Pictured are Kibbee and Melissa Williams with some of over 400 items donated for the food bank and my Facebook photo by Kibbee, inset.

1 comment:

  1. Took it all to the Food Bank this morning and we had 550 lbs of food items to donate. We have the best Friends and Fans! Thanks for helping us spread the word Kerri!