Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Trick Trucks

Two 2010 Tahoma trucks have been donated by Parker Toyota to four local high schools - Post Falls, Lakeland and Coeur d'Alene, Lake City. Raffle tickets will be sold through the year with the winners drawn in spring 2011. Jamey Cunningham, graphic designer with Benchmark's IMGX Kreativ division, works on applying the Post Falls Trojan vinyl to a truck on Wednesday. The other side will feature Lakeland Hawk colors and logo. The first truck has been tricked already with Coeur d'Alene Viking and Lake City Timberwolves colors. Look for the trucks out in the community in the coming months!


  1. After reading this, I was very intrigued about these great looking trucks, in the pictures anyways. I have to tell you that seeing them in person I was a little disappointed. Upon close inspection I started to see a lot of "funny cuts" in the vinyl, looks like the blade they used wasn't sharp or something. It just didn't seem finished to me.

    As a customer I also have to say that I have used Benchmark since there recent exciting merger with Imagination Graphics and again, I was disappointed. I often felt myself wondering, who is in charge here? And does anyone really know what is going on? Thank you for this great post, but there are much better companies in town doing wraps.

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