Wednesday, April 21, 2010

'Shroom Season

I'm always amazed by the different hobbies that people enjoy, especially if it's also a good excuse to get out and enjoy the great outdoors. Turns out that 'shrooming season has begun for those who hunt for morel mushrooms. Their season starts in mid-April and lasts about a month or so.
Doug Peoples tells me that he's been on the hunt for about 10 years with his wife, Sue, and sisters, Vicki Peoples and Sandy Saffeels and all of their children. It's an activity they can do together.
While 'shroomers guard their favorite places as passionately as hunters and fishermen, Doug says Hayden Lake and Farragut Park are both good bets. He recommends when you're picking a morel to pinch the stem off at ground level to insure they'll come back year after year.
Kim Haddock of Hayden Lake is also a long time 'shroomer. She says the morels are often found on a north-facing slope with plenty of moisture and dappled sunlight. Part of the allure is the elusiveness of the species; the other is how great they are to use in cooking. Photo by Lindsey Saffeels


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