Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Lucky #13

When 85-year-old Bonnie Morrow of Rathdrum saw the advertisement for a $5,000 Cabela's gift card being raffled by the Post Falls Chamber of Commerce in last Tuesday's Coeur d'Alene Press, she told her son, Larry Sanders, they should go in together on a $50 ticket.
So Larry went out to Cabela's and bought a ticket for his mom, dad, John, son, Gabe, and nephew, Jeff; each chipping in $10. At Cabela's they gave him a choice of several tickets and he chose No. 13.
Larry joked that on the way out the door he had second thoughts about choosing an unlucky number. But when the winning ticket was drawn on Thursday night at the Commerce and Community Fair, turns out it wasn't so unlucky after all. Now comes the hard part for the family: each has to decide how to spend their $1,000 share of the gift card they won. Pictured: Larry Sanders

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