Monday, April 19, 2010

Looking back

April 19, 2004 was a Monday which meant my father would celebrate his 75th birthday at a political meeting. I had a beautiful cake brought out midway through the evening. Two things I recall from that night ... how surprised Dad was to hear a room full of people, many of whom had been political adversaries through the years, sing For He's a Jolly Good Fellow to him and my unshakable gut feeling that this would be his last birthday.
My father and I were very close, and in the weeks and months after that 75th birthday celebration we shared conversations that in hindsight indicated at some level he knew his time was drawing to a close. It wasn't anything melodramatic, just a need to get some affairs in order and reminiscing and taking stock of a life well-lived.
My father passed away six months from the time I took this last birthday photograph of him. I thought my broken heart would never heal but it has. He left this Daddy's Girl with a lifetime of wonderful memories and the realization that I was blessed indeed to have known every single day for over 52 years that my father loved me.
Ron Rankin was a jolly good fellow and today, on what would have been his 81st birthday, I'll celebrate his passion, patriotism and joy for life. Semper Fi Daddy!


  1. I only met Mr. Rankin a couple of times as a child, but my father worked with him on multiple occasions toward various political objectives, and I've heard many stories about Mr. Rankin from my dad's experiences. We lost a great man with him. A salute to Ron Rankin is always in order.

  2. Hi, own Dad's 'date of departure' as it were, is May 17th. My Dad and I were not close. We were practically strangers. So you're lucky to have had a Dad who loved and respected you. And I imagine that you were a very good daughter.

    Seems we always remember the dates our parents died; it's strange, it's spooky and can be unsettling. My Mom's 'date' is March 27th. I will never get over missing her. She was the glue that kept our rather explosive household together. Take care,'re doing a fine job as always with your North Idaho blogsite...

    --Dave (Escapee)

  3. What a wonderful tribute to your dad, Kerri. You were always his "Brown-eyed Baby Girl".
    I love you, Mother