Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Remembering Christina

In the audience at the Junior Miss Program last Saturday night in the Post Falls High School arena was proud grandmother, Bev Finney. Her 8-year-old granddaughter, Courtney Finney, was one of a couple dozen little misses providing special entertainment during the program. Bev's memories of a night just like that in years past brought both a smile and a tinge of sadness. Christina Finney was named Post Falls Junior Miss in 1994, representing her community in parades and at the Idaho Junior Miss Program. She had a stellar senior year, enjoying success as a cross country athlete. On June 1, 1995 ... just days after her 18th birthday and before graduation, Christina died in a car accident just a few blocks from the high school on a sunny afternoon.
On Saturday when Hailey Smith was chosen 2010 Post Falls Junior Miss, Bev was reminded of her sweet daughter Christina. Hailey is also a cross country runner, who in an ironic twist, received the Christina Finney Spirit Award in the sport this year.


  1. Thank you Kerri for always remembering our sweet angel!

  2. Thank you Kerri... :) Our hearts remember this Angel everyday... <3

    Tara Dagastine, Christopher ( who is named after her ) and McKaylee. XOXO

  3. thank u aunt kerri for reminding how special christina was . she will always be remembered

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