Sunday, May 9, 2010

Heroes among us

On this Mother's Day morning I'm humbled by the resilience and faith of Cyndie Johnson. On Saturday Cyndie and her daughter, Aubree Johnson Chesnut were among the participants in the 2nd Annual Jordan Johnson Memorial Run to benefit the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County. Cyndie has not just endured but triumphed over tragedy that could have sent any mother to the depths. Her athletic 15-year-old son, Jordan died unexpectedly in his sleep from hypertrophic cardiomyopathy (an enlarged heart)in November 2006. Five months later a drunk driver hit the motorcycle Cyndie and her husband, Tom were riding, killing Tom and seriously injuring Cyndie. The loss of her high-school-sweetheart husband while still grieving the loss of their son is beyond what any of us can imagine. But the Johnson family has chosen to honor Jordan and Tom's lives with the commitment to others through the Boys and Girls Club of Kootenai County. Cyndie and her daughters, Desiree and Aubree deserve the sun that's shining on Mother's Day today. Photos from Jordan's Memorial Run HERE.

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