Sunday, December 27, 2009

THE Christmas gift of 2009 ...

I bet millions of people unwrapped Snuggies on Christmas this year. Our daughter Melani was one, as was my sister, Janna. Gail McGaughey specifically told her husband, Pat and daughter, Margie that she didn't want a Snuggie so it makes sense that she found one under the tree ... in animal print, no less! Carl Riegert gave one to his wife, Genie and Jan Nelson says she was on the receiving end of a Snuggie, too. Eden Irgens said Santa brought one for her daughter, Riley Sue. Brett and Annalee Seright's cat loves her feline Snuggie! Email a photo of you or someone you love, including the four-legged family members, in their Snuggie and I'll post them here!

1 comment:

  1. Kerri,

    Be prepared, I have some Snuggie pictures to share with everybody shortly.

    -Brett Seright