Friday, July 2, 2010

Five generations on the 4th

Not long ago I came across this photograph from the 1990s that brought a smile. It's a favorite 4th of July memory for me. My 90-year-old grandmother made the trip from Santa Rosa for the holiday which we spent watching the Coeur d'Alene parade, followed by a picnic in city park. With my father, Ron Rankin, my daughter, Alyssa and my grandson, Matthew, we posed for a photograph that I will long treasure. My father and grandmother have since passed away but they'll be in my thoughts on the 4th of July for sure.


  1. What a rare treat to have 5 generations in one photograph, and even better, 5 generations of family sharing a holiday together. I love it!

  2. How beautiful.. What great memories to come across. Aren't you appreciative of the pictures you took over the years? I love looking at old photos. Alyssa still looks the same young cute self. Tell her hello.

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