Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Close Shave at the County

Kootenai County Assessor Mike McDowell and Residential Appraiser Manager Darin Krier (both pictured) took one for the team Tuesday morning, following through with the pledge to shave their heads, mustaches and beard if $1,500 was raised for a good cause. When Gary Logsdon took an early retirement as a residential appraiser due to a medical condition, with months until disability pay kicks in, his friends and co-workers set out to raise some financial cushion for him. McDowell and Krier raised $1,600 and earlier this month, Deputy Assessor Rich Houser raised $1,045 and received a buzz cut.
Main Street column from Coeur d'Alene Press HERE. More photos from the head shaving festivities HERE.

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