Wednesday, September 23, 2009


... that's how many soldiers from the Vietnam War are still missing and unaccounted for. Read HERE in the Main Street print column how you can once again wear an iconic stainless steel bracelet to bring awareness to those who wait for their son, husband, brother to be returned nearly 40 years later.
Thank you to those who've served and those who wait.
National Federation of POW/MIA Families.


  1. As a Vietnam Vet, I am resigned to the fact that those that are still missing will always be. We can always have hope, but most Vets I think feel as I do. Thanks for the reminder though, hopefully they will never be forgotten. One of my favorite t-shirts says, "History will remember the war, but will America remember her men."

  2. Anonymous is the stickman, sorry I forgot that part.

  3. Stickman, America remembers. Those who've returned and those who still wait to come home. Thank you for being such a good and decent human being, my friend.