Thursday, November 11, 2010

Their ship came in ...

Just got off the phone with Dr. Cyndie Hammond after she texted me about an hour ago. Seems Cyndie and Senator Jim Hammond have had quite an adventure this week as two of 4,500 passengers stranded aboard the Carnival Splendor. Cyndie tells me that they had about 12 hours of their cruise underway when the ship lost power about 200 miles south of San Diego on the way to the Mexican Rivera on Sunday.
She and Jim were in a cab on the way to a hotel about noon when we spoke. The pair seemed giddy with delight to be on dry land, although Cyndie had to laugh about the traffic ... "It's Veterans Day in a military town and we're stuck in a parade." She said she's never seen as many television satellite trucks as there were when the passengers debarked, finally, in San Diego. After a week with no hot meals I asked what she and Jim were going to have for lunch and she said pizza, but Jim quickly stated his preference ... a steak! They agreed that a hot shower took priority over lunch.
Cyndie said the cruise line has been wonderful and praised the cruise director. She was grateful their cabin had a window and wasn't one of the inside cabins, at least there was a view. The Hammonds will stay in San Diego for two days, courtesy of Carnival, before heading home. For their troubles this week the passengers will receive full reimbursement for expenses as well as tickets for another Carnival cruise. Cyndie said they'll take some time before deciding which cruise to take again.

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