Friday, October 8, 2010

Mr. Baseball!

I was four years old when Don Larsen pitched a perfect game for the New York Yankees against the Brooklyn Dodgers in the 1956 World Series. Don's was the only MLB post-season no-hitter for over five decades until this past week when Roy Halladay did the same in a playoff game for the Phillies.
I had the pleasure of meeting the bigger-than-life Larsen (who lives in Hayden) in 2008 at a birthday party for him and his two amigos, Lyle Ekness and Rocky Bridges.
It was 54 years ago today that Don pitched that perfect game. That's quite a record!


  1. Chris KillingsworthOctober 22, 2010 at 7:52 PM

    Very nice!
    I just heard that stat recently, being a Giants fan!

  2. I dont know him before..but now i know..LOL!I can relate to this its been 11 yrs. since we've lost my father..Life was hard w/o him but that's life..Life must go on!!Robert michaels furniture garden umbrella