Monday, March 8, 2010

Glory Days

There's no doubt the players of the State Champion Post Falls Trojan basketball team will remember this experience for a lifetime. The celebratory caravan through town to the high school football field was everything only a small town could make happen in the 18 hours from the time the buzzer sounded in Nampa to the team bus arriving home. More pictures of the big homecoming HERE.


  1. Glory Days!! That is the perfect title! What an awesome homecoming and celebration! As a parent of two boys on this team, I was proud of them for achieving what they did but I was also very thankful that they were able to experience the true meaning of community. That was a genuine community moment, with people funnelling out of seltice business to cheer on the team. There were people peering over their fences and waving dish towels as they stood in their front yards. This was a moment these boys nor I will ever forget. Thank you Post Falls!! Thank to you Kerri Thoreson for helping to organize and mobilize this moment.

  2. As I look at this photo my eyes are drawn to the right side where two very young Trojan fans are caught up in the moment. I am assuming they belong to Coach McLean---but whoever they are this will be a moment in their lives that they will remember and share forever. Very touching to me.
    Jeannie Peugh

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